IC4U, Inc. Statement of Faith

We honor God; our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father. Jesus Christ our Savior is His begotten son, bringing salvation to believers through His death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit as God’s agent in the earth is an in-dwelling guide to instruct us spiritually, naturally and practically. By this, believers can have the quality of life God intends for us, now and into eternity.

It is our heart's yield to facilitate healthy balances in lieu of numerous life challenges facing those in leadership and support care: to furnish tools and resources to promote victorious outcomes for personal, social, and professional relationships.                                

Lynne C. Parker, Vision Steward™ and Founder IC4U, Inc.

IC4U, Inc. Mission    

We embrace the call to serve servant leaders, their families and servant care support by providing intensive spiritual resources and practical applications to comprehensively overcome adverse life challenges. 

IC4U, Inc. Vision

To promote all-inclusive balances for relationships and ministries of those who serve; by making additional strategies and solutions available.

IC4U, Inc. Service Pledge: 

We pledge to operate with ICE: INTEGRITY, CHARACTER, EXCELLENCE ™  for all kingdom assignments:    

  • Integrity - to respect and protect your privacy.                                               
  • Character - to model Christ's example and reflect His image.                     
  • Excellence - to perform our business with a standard of distinction.

To provide services to build ministry relationships and create positive, life-impacting experiences for those we serve.

IC4U offers educational resources by providing classes, seminars, workshops and ministry. Our services promote holistic balance for stress management to secure spiritual, physiological, psychological, and emotional health. 

Our Method

We create productive environments ensuring participant anonymity and confidentiality. We advance resolution for spiritual and life concerns through prayer, educational resources, preventive maintenance and after care.

IC4U Services

4 Servant Leaders

IC4U Focus: for those in the challenging roles of senior leadership. To provide and resources to promote victorious outcomes for: personal, social, and professional relationships.

4 Servant Leaders 2

IC4U Focus: for those in the challenging roles of senior leadership. To provide key stress management resources for men and women who are single, divorced, or widowed ministry leaders. 

4 Servant Families

 IC4U Focus: Services developed and designed for the families of those serving in leadership capacities. To provide tool to address challenges and obstacles exclusive to servant family members. 

4 Servant Care Support

IC4U Focus: preventive solutions to secure the overall health and well-being for those in servant care support and their families. 

IC4U – Intensive Care for You, Inc. is a Christian faith-based nonprofit service organization. Contact us today via email: LynneCParker@ic4uinc.org or (716) 361-4953 for your free online or on-site informational session.