Your King Has the Last Move

Are you at a stalemate, with no viable options to move forward and win the game? Or, do you feel like you have been put in “check”? Well, here is the good news: Your King Has the Last Move!

We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Life seems to be similar to the game of chess. When the game is at a stalemate, you feel as if you are in a hopeless predicament. You assess what you could have done differently to arrive at a different outcome and have fleeting moments of regret when you identify your missteps. There is no way out and no way to move forward. So, with stalemate, no one wins. Not so for believers, 2 Corinthians 4:1-18 provide an antithesis for every opposing life condition we may face.

I am not a chess master, but I did absorb couple of things while learning to play the game at the very amateur level. At first, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. When I did win a game, believe me, it was purely by accident.

Endurance is to persevere in spite of misfortunes and trials. It is the ability to hold fast to one's faith in Christ. Endurance keeps you in the game.

I didn’t understand that before you make your first move, you have to visualize your next moves and anticipate what your opponent may do as a counter response to your action--that is how you stay in the game. Next, I did not understand the freedom and restriction of movement for the chess pieces.

It’s just a game, right? As I studied, a spiritual application emerged. Let me explain. According to, these are the names of the pieces in a game of chess along with liberties and restrictions:

1.     Pawn - Being a war game, the Pawn is like your common foot soldier, often the first ones into battle.

2.     Knight - the Knight is the only piece that has the ability to jump over other pieces. The Knight and the Pawn can make the initial move against the opponent.

3.     Bishop - Bishops are restricted to diagonal moves from one corner of the board to the other. The Bishop a formidable long-distance threat to your opponent.

4.     Rook - Part of your opening strategy should be to bring your Rooks inward (where they are most effective) to prepare for what takes place during the Middlegame stage.

5.     Queen – The Queen takes on an expanded range of attacking options. She combines the diagonal power of the Bishops, with the straight-line threat of the Rooks. The Queen can move in any direction on the board to effectively protect her king.

6.     King - the King is your most precious piece on the board. If attacked in such a way that there are no legally-safe places to move, your King will find itself in a situation known as "Checkmate" causing you to lose the game.

So, if I understand this correctly, as believers, it would go something like this:

It may be a game to the enemy but it is a battle for us (Ephesians 6:12). We must develop strategies to outlast the weapons formed against us (2 Corinthians 10:4-5Isaiah 54:17). Your strategic placement in God’s plan is vital to ensure victory for your personal battle.

1.     Pawn –the foot soldier declares that the opponent has been notified: the battle has begun.

2.     Knight – is capable of acceleration to promote a victorious end in your favor.

3.     Rook – represents Christ the mediator between God and man. He is the strength you need when you are in the thick of it; He is a very present help in the time of trouble.

4.     Bishop – represents the Holy Spirit: your indwelling power and protector. The Holy Spirit leads and guides you in a clear path..     

5.    Queen – is the protector of the glory of God in your life. Once you are empowered, you are well equipped to rise above any disappointment or regret that serves to undermine your victory.

And finally, the KING…

You may have exhausted all your options. Every possible solution may seem out of your grasp. This is the time that our God shows Himself in the form of creative miracles! You will never be at a stalemate or in checkmate. Remember, our King always has the last move.

See also: Psalm 20:6-9

Lynne C. Parker, Vision Steward™

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