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We are Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the IC4U-Intensive Care for You, Inc. PAK'ed. ™ Experience! The theme for the first PAK'ed. Experience of 2018 is "Oil Stains."

Then the Lord's minister took the horn of oil, and anointed His servant in front of them: and the spirit of the LORD came upon His servant from that day forward. Oil Stains.

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Lynne C. Parker, Vision Steward and Founder IC4U, Inc.  -  PAK'ed. Experience Host

Join us for Worship and Word. You will be able to "Experience" each of our guest presenters as they minister to us under the influence of God's anointing. Don't miss this time of pouring the oil! God bless read more


Statement of Faith

We honor God; our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father. Jesus Christ our Savior is His begotten son, bringing salvation to believers through His death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit as God’s agent in the earth is an in-dwelling guide to instruct us spiritually, naturally and practically. By this, believers can have the quality of life God intends for us, now and into eternity.

It is our heart's yield to facilitate healthy balances in lieu of numerous life challenges facing those in leadership and support care: to furnish tools and resources to promote victorious outcomes for personal, social, and professional relationships.                                

Lynne C. Parker, Vision Steward™ and Founder IC4U, Inc.

The Last Move

Your king has the last move!

Are you at a stalemate, with no viable options to move forward and win the game? Or, do you feel like you have been put in “check”? Well, here is the good news...



IC4U offers educational resources by providing online and on-site classes, seminars, workshops and ministry. Our services promote holistic balance for stress management to secure spiritual, physiological, psychological, and emotional health.  

IC4U – Intensive Care for You, Inc. is a Christian faith-based nonprofit service organization. We are exclusively purposed for those who serve ministries and communities  in leadership and support capacities.

IC4U - Intensive Care for You, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization